Back Injury Lawyers

Back Injury Lawyers

Injuries involving the back and its various structures are the most common reason for workplace absenteeism due to injuries. Approximately one fourth of occupational injuries involving missed work time are due to back injuries. What your job entails can help predict the likelihood of you experiencing a work related back injury in your lifetime. For example, healthcare workers frequently sustain back injuries due to handling, lifting and manually moving a patient. Healthcare workers also have a higher rate of aggravating their back injury once they have recovered.

Back Injury Implications

Back injuries vary from person to person based on age, current occupation and job history.  Most injuries involving the back are due short in terms of duration. The injured worker is typically able to return to work after a full recovery. Pain and reduced functioning, loss of strength and limited range of motion are common in moderate back injuries.

Those that sustain more severe back injuries may have the same symptoms but for a much longer term. These types of injuries are more debilitating and recuperation is much longer. Often times recovery involves physical therapy and/or chiropractic manipulation.

The most severe back injuries can become life long, debilitating injuries. If a disabling musculoskeletal condition occurs the worker is vulnerable to lost wages, decreased earning potential and loss of independence. A diminished quality of life is also experienced in very severe work related back injuries.

Causes Of Back Injuries

Back injuries have two main causes: Organizational & Individual. Organizational causes are out of our control and they are factors such as aging, gender and changing job descriptions.

Individual causes the employee or employer can control and include factors like aggravating a preexisting condition, a single, traumatic event such as a slip and fall. Improper lifting techniques, poor posture and poor physical condition also can increase your chances of sustaining a back injury at work.

Types of Back Injuries

Back injuries can be in several forms due to the back and its parts being so complex. Sprains and strains due to overreaching  or overextending are very common back injuries that are not too severe. Bruises, contusions and discoloration are soft tissue back injuries that are common in workplace falls. More severe back injuries are slipped or herniated discs, fractures and spinal cord injuries. Long term effects of back injuries can be chronic pain, numbness, tingling in extremities and paralysis.

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