Pennsylvania Car Accident Lawyers

Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorneys

Car accidents are among the most common issues faced by residents, tourists, vacationers and students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Many of the most famous intersections, roads, highways, turnpikes and interstates in Pennsylvania are well known for being the scene of dozens of automotive accidents every year. While it is possible for responsible drivers to take extra precautions in these areas, such as by driving mainly in daylight hours and only while well-rested, the possibility of an accident is always there. If you are involved in an accident, it is critical to get in touch with our qualified  Pennsylvania car accident attorney right away.

Contact our team of Pittsburgh car accident lawyers for a complimentary case analysis. Once retained they charge no legal fees if they do not recover on your behalf. Serving those hurt in traffic accidents in all of PA including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Lock Haven, New Castle, Reading, Scranton, Chambersburg, Lebanon, Carlisle, Harrisburg, Erie and York.

Car Accidents With Passenger Injuries

Unlike many other states in the United States, Pennsylvania is not considered a “No Fault” state for insurance. Pennsylvania motorists must have auto insurance policies that provide for a defined amount of damages that they might do to other motorists while operating their vehicle. This helps to defray a minimum of $15,000 in injury to one other person, $30,000 in injuries for more than one person, and $5,000 in property damage.

Of course, insurance may not necessarily cover all of the damages that are caused by an accident. Sometimes, it is possible to settle out of court after an accident by using the parties’ insurance to cover damages. However, there are also cases where parties will go to court in order to dispute the assignation of blame or to achieve a larger settlement. In these cases, it is important to understand how the blame for an automotive accident in Pennsylvania is assigned.

Many automotive accidents are determined out of court by an investigation headed by insurance officials with the help of police. Remember that insurance agents, whether they are working for your insurance company or the company of the other individuals in the case, are ultimately out to benefit the insurance company. This is one reason why it is a good idea to contact an Allentown car accident lawyer as they can help to ensure your rights are protected by safeguarding any of the evidence that might show you were not at fault.

Oftentimes, a highly contested case will end up in court. During a court proceeding, each person must demonstrate that he or she was not engaged in negligent driving behavior. There are many different examples of driving negligence that are recognized in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States: A comprehensive list would be very long. Of course, one must avoid driving under the influence at all costs, but even something fairly simple, such as a failure to signal, may cause some of the blame for an accident to be assigned to you.

Pennsylvania has comparative negligence laws which means that although one person may be mainly at fault for an accident, another motorist, passenger, or even a pedestrian may be partially to blame. This is determined on a percentage basis, and the percentage to which you are determined to be at fault will be subtracted from any amount that you are due from an insurance company or from another motorist. If you are found partially at fault for aggravated reasons such as DUI, there may be implications for your driver’s license.

If your automotive accident has been caused by speeding, then odds are good that you would be found partially to blame for the accident in a court of competent jurisdiction in Pennsylvania. In cases where no significant injuries or fatalities are caused, however, the help of a good Lancaster County car accident attorney can assist you to reduce the consequences significantly.

For example, an attorney will work to demonstrate that you have a good driving record, that you are a trusted member of the community, and that your partial fault in the accident is something out of character for you. Because there is a great deal of documentation that can be helpful, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you possibly can.

Should you be found partially responsible for an accident, the odds are good that you have appeal options. Weigh these options with your attorney in a frank discussion as to whether or not you feel the assignation of blame is just. Your rights of appeal are yours as a citizen and should be exercised to the utmost, but superfluous appeals can sometimes result in complications, such as responsibility for the legal fees of other parties in the case.

Where Accidents Occur In Pennsylvania

Whether you’re headed from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or anywhere in between, be aware of the places where some of the most significant traffic accidents take place in Pennsylvania. These include the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the Blue Route, I-76, I-476, I-95, rural roads, surface streets and other freeways throughout the state.

Even residents who have lived in Pennsylvania their entire lives can sometimes find that they face significant challenges when driving in these areas. It is important to take as many precautions as you reasonably can to ensure that you always drive safely in Pennsylvania. Among these are, for example, ensuring that your vehicle’s lights and signals are always in working order and that your insurance and tags are always up to date. Being diligent about these items will help you reduce the long-term consequences of any automotive accident. That’s because each of these details goes to show that you are a responsible Pennsylvania driver who respects and obeys the state’s traffic laws.

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