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Being the victim of child abuse, child sexual abuse or child molestation can alter your life for years to come. Some child sex abuse victims never fully recover emotionally or psychologically from the abuse they suffered at the hands of their attacker. The assailants can be Catholic priests, Rabbi’s, Christian pastors, youth ministers, coaches, instructors, teachers, doctors, nurses, trainers and family members. Call our Bethlehem PA child sex abuse injury lawyers for free case review.

Our Bethlehem PA child sex abuse injury lawyers charge no fees unless they recover for you. Serving all of PA: Allentown, Upper Darby, Bristol, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, York, Reading, Lower Merion, Upper Merion, Abington, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Lancaster, Harrisburg.

Who Commits Sex Crimes Against Children In Pennsylvania

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania there are hundreds of child sex abuse injury cases and lawsuits going on at any given time. Recently more than 300 Catholic priests have been named in a statewide child sex abuse scandal. Catholic priests seem to lead the pack in terms of those who commit crimes against children.

Other perpetrators of child sex abuse in Pennsylvania are ministers, teachers, coaches and instructors such as martial arts instructors. No matter who violated you, or your child, let our Allentown child sex abuse injury lawyers fight for your child’s rights and hold their assailants accountable legally and financially.

The Aftermath Of Child Sex Abuse Injury Cases

When a child is the victim of child sexual abuse their lives are forever impacted. The feelings of guilt and shame may never fully subside. This is especially true in cases where a minor was sexually abused, molested or raped by a person of authority and or someone they trust. It takes sex abuse survivors years to move on from what happened to them and it will impact their future relationships. The burden and toll sex abuse takes on someone can be seen financially and emotionally. Please reach out to our Allentown child sex abuse injury attorneys and let them get you, or your child, the benefits and financial compensation they deserve.

Signs Of Child Sexual Abuse

There are usually many signs and symptoms associated with child sexual abuse. These can be physical signs such as groin or genital pain, trouble sitting, abnormal gait (walk), bleeding as well as soft tissue injuries such as cuts and bruises.

Emotional and psychological signs may be more difficult to see. These include a sudden loss of interest in going to school, sports or social activities. Depression, lethargy and loss of appetite are common signs after being sexually abused, raped or molested. If you believe your child has been the victim of sexual molestation at the hands of a religious figure, Catholic priest, teacher, coach or instructor contact our Allentown child sex abuse injury lawyers now.

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Our Bethlehem PA child sexual abuse injury lawyers and child molestation attorneys are here to help you and your family any way they can. Please contact them today for a free initial consultation. They will do everything in their power to get your child the benefits and financial compensation they deserve.