Pennsylvania Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

Was your baby diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth or at some point during their toddler years? Do you know the exact cause of your child’s cerebral palsy? If it was due to medical malpractice, which most CP cases are, you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to Pennsylvania medical malpractice law. Please contact our Pennsylvania cerebral palsy lawyers for a free case review. They charge no fees if they are unable to recover benefits and financial compensation for your family.

When you choosing an obstetrician‚ the life of your future baby is in their hands. If a birth injury occurs‚ you trust him and his team of medical professionals to quickly act and prevent it from jeopardizing the health of your baby. However‚ when medical practitioners are inattentive and overlook a potential problem‚ they fail to diagnose and treat a birth injury that will hurt the baby temporarily and sometimes permanently. If your doctor fails to prevent this‚ your child may contract cerebral palsy (CP)‚ a motor and nerve condition that can result in a wide range of physical and mental disabilities.

Cerebral Palsy Facts And Statistics

Cerebral palsy is a type of brain damage. It can be caused by an injury to the brain before‚ during‚ or shortly after birth. In many cases‚ no one knows for sure what caused the child to contract this disability or what may have been done to prevent it.

A birth injury is reported to occur in 27 of every 1‚000 live births‚ with the severity of the birth injury ranging from mild to debilitating.

Children with CP inevitably face very difficult medical‚ social and educational challenges.

If your child’s CP was caused by a medical mistake‚ it is not your fault. Call or email our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Cerebral Palsy lawyers for a free, in depth case analysis.

What Are the Side Effects of Cerebral Palsy?

Children with CP experience seizures‚ spasms‚ visual problems‚ hearing problems‚ hyperactivity disorder‚ speech problems‚ and learning problems.

Approximately half of all children with CP experience seizures. Unfortunately‚ CP is incurable. However‚ therapy can help ease the symptoms of child development as well as help the patients and their families deal with the emotional and physical stress caused by the disorder.

Determining if Your Baby’s Cerebral Palsy Was A Result Of Medical Malpractice

Statistically approximately 5-10% of children (About 15 percent contracted after birth and roughly 75 percent contracted in the womb) with cerebral palsy suffered a birth injury that resulted in CP‚ it is still important to look at all the factors and medical records to pinpoint the cause.

There are some very common causes of recognizable and preventable brain injuries during birth include oxygen deprivation‚ infections or bleeding in the brain. A brain injury sustained during birth could have been prevented. In the United States medical negligence is the reason for thousands of cerebral palsy cases annually.

It is imperative that your baby gets enough oxygen during childbirth. Certain circumstances and birthing complications can make this difficult. Examples are breach delivery‚ the baby being too large (macrosomia)‚ or the umbilical cord getting wrapped around your baby’s neck. Though‚ doctors must anticipate complications and be prepared to act or order a C-section.

Connect With Our Pennsylvania Cerebral Palsy Lawyers

If your child’s Cerebral Palsy diagnosis was a result of medical malpractice‚ it’s not your fault. You have a right to sue for damages. However‚ you need a birth injury attorney and a trained physician to review the medical records and give a licensed opinion on whether you have a case or not. Do not hesitate to contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania cerebral palsy lawyers by clicking here.